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Savoy Rent a Car is one of the leading car rental firms in Bulgaria established in . Our objective is to provide our customers with higher quality solutions in the most competitive prices. Savoy offers a large range of vehicles. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, weve got a car to suit your requirements.

Should you book a rental car with us, well be sure its ready for you to go. Including insurance and, in the winter season, the appropriate tyres. Youll find that Bulgaria is easy to explore by car, at the last couple of years the streets have really improved and you should have no issues navigating the streets. The signals are in Cyrillic in addition to Latin script, which makes it a lot simpler for you. Anyway, if you have a rental vehicle, youll manage to see far more since public transportation to distant corners is available, but its infrequent. With your rental vehicle, you have all of the freedom you desire. With pleasure well allow you to prepare a trip so that you may reach the street ready! Its not a lengthy drive to Plovdiv after which Asenovgrad. It should take you about , hours in Sofia. Be sure that you see the Old Town of Plovdiv, where you find several ancient sites in addition to good cafes and restaurants. In Asenovgrad, see Asens Fortress and keep towards Kardzhali. Now you re at the northern part of the Rhodope mountains now. There are several villages however, the woods are mostly uninhabited. Its among Europes final natural frontiers, a place mostly untouched by mankind. As you push into Kardzhali, it is possible to leave the main street to drive into a tiny villages and see just how life is at those places. Now you ll find traditionally built homes, mostly built of stone in the local place. The folks still make a living at exactly the same manner they did hundreds of years back. They sell their homemade vanilla or honey and keep livestock. Nowadays lots of individuals run a guesthouse to create it . Asens Fortress / Perperikon / Swallow Falls Pool After leaving Asenovgrad, near the initial villages away from the primary street, take a look at the Swallow Falls Pool . Locate it at Google Maps. Then continue into the cities Oreshets, Vrata or even Mostovo, high into the mountains. There are loads of guesthouses you can spend the evening. The next morning, like a hearty, homemade breakfast and why not take a stroll over the hillsides? You can walk across the street and even get all the way in the direction of the village Tri Mogili. Or, find Skalnia kompleks Karadjov kamak at Google Maps and wander . Now you ll have a good view over the region. Its s time to get back to the main street and go east into Kardzhali. Dont hesitate to stop across the street or to stop by any village. Then drive a bit farther east. Youre at the Eastern Rhodope mountains now. Now you shouldnt miss Perperikon, among Bulgarias most remarkable historical sites. At kilometres north of Kardzhali and metres altitude, the rocky mountain is thought to have been a sacred spot for the Thracians. At this place, traces of human activity dating back into . decades B.C. were discovered. Then you can rent a car in Dubai stop in Kardzhali, and it is at kilometres from Sofia. It has a Special position on the Kardzhali Reservoir along with the Studen Kladenets Reservoir. Kardzhali includes a normal centre with roads lined with cafes and a city park. Then theres the Kardzhali Museum of History. If you dont feel like going inside, you can simply pay a visit to the backyard, that includes plant species that just increase in Bulgaria. The building was initially meant to function as an Islamic institution but was not used with this purpose. It became a military centre Dubai car rental and afterwards on a campus connected to Plovdiv University. It had been transformed into a memorial between and . The museum currently has among the richest collections in Southern Bulgaria, that contains many natural and cultural artefacts specific to this region. The location was destroyed at some point ever along with its ruins were just seen in . Then it was reconstructed in . Artefacts discovered during the excavations in this place are on screen in the Kardzhali Museum of History, said in the prior paragraph. Theres a different monastery at the south of Kardzhali that you can see The Assumption of the Virgin Monastery. The backyard is lovely in spring, with lots of flowers and blossoming trees. With this monastery, a color pattern of yellow and blue is utilized, common for Middle Eastern Christianity. Since most cities in Bulgaria, Kardzhali is a very historical too. Its been occupied from the Neolithic era. This era began around . B.C. and continued until between . B.C. and also . Kardzhali B.C. Howeverthe region around Kardzhali is much more scenic than, such as Stara Zagora, that is an early city too. Because of this, this area was used for constructing fortresses high upon the mountain tops, or so the enemy can be viewed from afar. Just kilometres west of Kardzhali is the Monyak Fortress. Again, best would be to find it in Google Maps. visit their site There is no true fortress left top of this mountain, only the remains. Drive up along with your rental car until you can go no more, park and increase the steep route up. It should take half an hour or so to get to the top. Youve got, arguably, among the most breathtaking views in Bulgaria, all around you. Now you ll see villages with various mosques dotting the countryside. This place isnt that far from Turkey, its roughly a kilometres from Kardzhali into the Turkish border by automobile. Throughout the Ottoman era, Bulgaria shifted radically and in over decades, many Turks lived all around the country. Especially so in the Southeast. Many left for Turkey after Bulgaria became a separate nation. Still, Turkish is quite widely understood in Southeastern Bulgaria, based on the place you go however. These are the Bulgarian muslims, Pomaks constitute roughly . of the whole Bulgarian population. The Balkans is an area of diversity and Bulgaria is the same. It makes the region fascinating to see because each and each village has a culture of its own. It was developed in . Its about half an hour walking in the village of Dyadovtsi. The village Dyadovtsi is only a kilometre drive from Kardzhali. In the village, you also ll observe the exact unfortunate effect of what depopulation does into the countryside. Lots of people left for the big cities or abroad for future perspectives, meaning that lots of homes are left without inhabitants. On the positive side, people have started to find the immense potential Southeastern Bulgaria has such as tourism. Guesthouses are starting, village squares are slowly being renovated and also the influx of visitors, the future should be useful. The nature is equally stunning and wild. A exceptional place that will certainly last in your memorycard. As you approach the Devils Bridge, youll find that its well preserved and, based on the season, that its a exceptional atmosphere. Its s a place where you get peace, youre actually surrounded by nature here. In case the end doesnt blow off and the water is still, it is possible to capture perfect images with the manifestation of the bridge in the water. Autumn is just about the ideal time to see, using a slight prospect of rain however. The colors of these trees, the clear water from the Arda river and the sight of the arched bridge likely make this among Europes most scenic places. Incidentally, it is possible to even pay a visit to the origin of the Arda river, at the village of Arda. Its on the Greek border. When you have enough opportunity to drive there all the way from Kardzhali, youll find a good impression of the Southern Rhodope mountains. From this point on, you can either go back west or north to achieve Sofia. You can easily view a lot of the Rhodope mountains on your back, there are several streets you can take. These places are all described in this separate post about the Western Rhodope mountains http//savoyrent.com/en/exploring the rhodope mountains blog.html.

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